American furniture warehouse jobs in 2023

As an American furniture warehouse jobs at AFW, you’ll be expected to take on a wide range of duties and give outstanding customer service.

This person will be responsible for performing a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to picking and pulling products, and loading and unloading products.

AFW facilities, safely and quickly loading our customers and performing any other tasks as requested by the AFW management team.

American Furniture Warehouse jobs allow you to shop online and pick up the same day. 

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List of American furniture warehouse jobs

  • Principal Technician in Charge of Preparing Furniture
  • Consultant-in-Training in Home Furnishings
  • Cafe Front-Row Seat
  • Agent of the Warehouse
  • Supervisory Role of a Furniture Repair Technician
  • Associates in Professional Home
  • Team Driver with a Class A Commercial Driver’s License
  • Diesel Technician

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Principal Technician in Charge of Preparing Furniture

Principal Technician in Charge of Preparing Furniture

The Furniture Preparation Tech Lead is responsible for supervising a team of technicians as they get goods ready for delivery by assembling, counting, and marking them with hard marks.

This person is also responsible for coordinating and communicating with the Furniture Repair department to guarantee that all items are repaired and ready for shipment.

To process and complete product that has been added to or canceled from the delivery routes, the Furniture Prep Manager will communicate and work with the Furniture Prep Techs, Customer Service, and Delivery Services.

This person is responsible for ensuring proper payroll and assigning routes for the Furniture Prep Techs.

Consultant-in-Training in Home Furnishings

Consultant in Training in Home Furnishings

Working as an AFW consultant, you’ll offer advice to customers and help them choose the right furniture and decorating for their homes.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a stress-free, expert purchasing environment here at AFW.

As a Home Furnishings Consultant, you use fundamental sales techniques to assist customers as they browse our stores for new furniture and home decorations.

The ideal candidate is eager to help us fulfill our promise to provide our customers with unbeatable prices on high-quality furniture and accessories. At AFW, client satisfaction is always a priority.

Expert Opinion on What to Expect from Your Job as a Consultant

  • We do not sell extra warranties, snake oil, etc.; we make it fun, and there is no pressure to make a sale.
  • Certainly the Lowest Prices and Highest Values Available
  • There are a lot of people coming in to shop, and many of them come back to us again and again.
  • Kick back and enjoy helping clients design their ideal spaces.
  • Our graphic design experts follow industry trends and are available to assist you.

Cafe Front-Row Seat

Cafe Front-Row Seat

The Cafe Lead is in charge of supervising the cafe and training the cafe staff to provide exceptional service to customers and employees alike when it comes to the preparation and serving of food and drinks.

The Café Server Lead is also responsible for handling transactions, checking stock, keeping the kitchen tidy, and communicating any problems to the AFW management team.

The café drawer will be inspected by the cafe manager as well.

Agent of the Warehouse

Agent of the Warehouse

As a Warehouse Associate at AFW, you’ll be expected to take on a variety of responsibilities and give outstanding customer service.

This person will be responsible for picking and pulling products, loading and unloading products between AFW facilities, safely and efficiently loading out customers, and performing any other duties assigned by the AFW management team.

The starting hourly rate is $17.00, and there are excellent perks available for this full-time work.

Supervisory Role of a Furniture Repair Technician

Furniture Repair Technician

The Furniture Repair Lead works closely with the Furniture Repair Management team to actively manage, carry out, and supervise all shop operations.

The Furniture Repair Lead will aid in the management of the Furniture Repair Shop and the training of the Furniture Repair Technicians.

The Furniture Repair Lead is also responsible for coordinating and working with several departments to address and resolve customer complaints, product defects, stockouts, and other issues that may arise.

Associates in Professional Home

Associates in Professional Home

The AFW Show Floor Staging Associate is responsible for physically placing products in the showroom per the direction of the Visual,

Designer and Store Management, as well as assisting in the creation, maintenance, and breakdown of displays to ensure the best possible product presentation to our customers.

Before physically putting products on display in the showroom, the Staging Associate will open, assemble, and inspect them.

The Stager will also attach price tags, feature tags, and any other relevant information to the items that will be useful to our clients.

The Stager is also responsible for using a stock picker to transport goods from the warehouse to the Staging Department and then back to the warehouse. AFW foots the bill for all training sessions.

Team Driver with a Class A Commercial Driver’s License

Commercial Driver's License

Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Team Drivers wanted for American Furniture Warehouse (AFW).

Our fleet of over 100 trucks has grown greatly over the past few years as AFW has enjoyed usually wider.

Team drivers that share our commitment to safety and compliance are what we’re searching for at AFW. At AFW, you will never be a faceless customer, but rather a person with a name.

Diesel Technician

Diesel Technician

Humans need skilled diesel technicians who are comfortable with inspections and diagnostics, as well as all other facets of maintenance and repair for medium and heavy-duty vehicles and trailers.

Maintenance can include everything from routine inframe and gearbox checks to big changes.

It is expected that you have at least one year of experience in a relevant field and extensive knowledge of diesel, hydraulics, and electrical systems.

The burden of supplying equipment falls on you.



Does anyone know how many people work at American Furniture Warehouse?

There are 767 people working at American Furniture Warehouse jobs.

When Did American Furniture Warehouse Begin Operations?

As a company, American Furniture Warehouse has been around since 1975.

Where does American Furniture Warehouse fit into the economy?

As its name suggests, American furniture warehouse jobs sell furniture.

In what industry does American Furniture Warehouse specialize?

This business, American Furniture Warehouse jobs, is a privately held concern.

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