Bedroom furniture design with price in Pakistan

The timeless beauty of traditional bedroom furniture designs is well-known around the globe, and despite the flow of time, the variety of styles and clarity of its construction have not lost their attraction.

Bedroom Sets are an Item that can be found in nearly every household today. The quality of your sleep can be greatly improved by changing your bed and its components. 

We only utilize high-quality materials to make our bed sets as pleasant and trustworthy as possible.

List of Bedroom furniture designs with prices in Pakistan

  • Minimalist Bedroom Furniture Style:
  • Eclectic Styles of Bedroom Furniture:
  • Design Ideas for Swedish Bedroom Furniture

So let’s start to learn about more it in detail…

Minimalist Bedroom Furniture Style:

Minimalist Bedroom furniture design

Simple furniture, a neutral color scheme, and clean spaces are all features of a minimalist bedroom.

 In contrast to rooms full of furniture, where there is high scope to cover the routine, the innocent, or the broken, a minimalist environment leaves little room for error.

With minimal furniture and decor in space, every piece must serve a dual purpose of looking good and being functional. 

It’s also an opportunity to shop and decorate with meaning.

Use this bedroom set to create a simple, modern environment in your personal home. 

Beds with slots and support legs beneath make it appear that the mattress is floating.

All of the pieces need to be put together. There is a guarantee of one year from the maker on this set.


  • Components of 4-Piece Set (Bed, Nightstand, and Chest): Bed, Nightstand, and Chest
  • Frame Palette: Walnut/Charcoal Building from Manufactured Wood
  • Included Bedrooms: Yes
  • Both metal and hardwood are used for the slats.
  • The 500-pound weight capacity of the bed.
  • Included Nightstand: Yes
  • Modern cushioned double and king leather bed in minimalist style bedroom
  • The Most Recent Cost is Between $851 and $864 for 1 or more Units (Min. order)

Eclectic Styles of Bedroom Furniture:

Eclectic Bedroom furniture design

Because of this, we make sure that the bed sets we sell are as comfortable and reliable as possible for you, and we only use high-quality materials in our bedroom sets.

Making a beautiful space in an eclectic style is an art that requires a fine line between luxury and elegance.

This three-piece set is simple and would work well in a bedroom or guest room. The bed and nightstands are made of a mix of real and fake wood with neutral colors.

It’s a bubble to make you feel comfortable, so you can take it easy and relax.

Each table has two drawers where you can put small things like books, magazines, and remote controls that you may have left on the floor. Without a box spring, the bed wouldn’t be complete.


  • Wooden scarf
  • Furniture can be velvet, artificial leather, or polyester combination.
  • Currently popular
  • The colors grey, pink, blue, green, and white is all suitable.
  • Flap-back profile
  • Tufted headboard
  • Decorated with gray stitching
  • Queen-sized boards with an attractive design
  • Devices included
  • A box spring is necessary.
  • Preparation is needed before use.
  • Measures Size: 47″ x 67″ x 84″

The current starting price is PKR6518683.

Swedish Bedroom furniture design

Swedish Bedroom furniture design

Think about how big your bedroom is and what you like when making your choices. The beautiful platform bed is a must-have for the master bedroom in Swedish design.

One example is a bed frame with a headboard. Another is a cushion with compartments on top of it.

You can also choose from different styles of chests and dressers for storage, as well as one or two bedside tables with warm wood tones that match the rest of the furniture.

Different pieces of modern Swedish bedroom furniture, such as dressers and chests, can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes to complement rooms of various sizes.

Important Real facts

  • Purpose-Built Furniture: Bedroom furniture design
  • Bedroom Furniture is a Specialty Category of Household Furnishings.
  • Made from all-natural, high-quality wood
  • Modern and Antique Appearance
  • The key word here is “custom made.”
  • Color: a rainbow of options
  • Not Inflated
  • Contemporary Bed Room Sets

Price: Modern Style Newest Price for Wedding Bedroom Furniture Designs FOB Reference $143.00 – $1,075.00

What material is ideal for a bedroom’s curtains?

Selecting a material for bedroom curtains is the first step. Cotton is a typical choice. According to Raymond, “Cotton is light, breathable, and easy to care for.”

Fabrics that can be cleaned in a washing machine should be your first choice. If you’re going for a greater look, though, a heavier, more luxurious fabric is the way to go.

Do you suggest patterns or plain curtains?

While patterned curtains are lovely, sometimes less is more when it comes to window coverings. When compared to an eclectic pattern, a plain curtain will never go out of style and is less likely to cause you to lose interest in them.


The specifics of each Bedroom’s furniture design are important. A person is the one who decides what comes in a bedroom and what doesn’t.

Bedroom sets can be found at modest prices on the market or online. People can quickly and easily select the ideal layouts for their private bedrooms.

It’s vital that you give some thought to all of the above-mentioned options while shopping for bedroom furniture.

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