High gloss spray paint for wood furniture in 2023

We need to know what kind of High gloss spray paint for wood furniture looks best for furniture.

In fact, The was the same. So, I bought six of the most common spray paints and two of the most common primers so I could compare and contrast them.

By doing a simple scratch test, I could see which paint worked best, which sprayed the smoothest, and which gave the most even surface.

When used on wooden furniture, the following spray paints have worked well for other people.
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List of High gloss spray paint

High gloss spray paint is a kind of paint with a reflecting and glossy surface. It is often used for automotive and furniture applications and may provide a durable and smooth covering.

Thus, let’s start explaining…

Paint formed of Epoxy

 Epoxy High gloss spray paint

Specialist epoxy resin and oil combine to make the second component of a two-component coating for High gloss spray paint.

This material’s advantages include high resistance to water, strong bases, and acids, strong coatings with high gloss spray paint, and greater contact with the following coating.

Martha Stewart 42882 Spray Paint and Primer

Martha Stewart 42882 Spray Paint and Primer

Michael’s now carries Martha Stewart’s new range of spray paints, part of her extensive collection of creative paints, equipment, and accessories, making it easier than ever to be creative and colorful.

There are 64 distinct hues in the new range of spray paint, each with its own name, ranging from “wild salmon” to “wet cement,” “beach glass,” “couscous,” “porcelain doll,” and “wild blueberry,” and everything in between.

Metallic, glitter, satin, gloss, and matte sheens are available for each hue, and the collection also includes gloss, satin, matte, and pearl sealers for long-term storage of your work.


  • Immediately absorbs moisture and dries in 10 minutes.
  • Provides a paint and primer combination, allowing for several uses and management.
  • Superb adherence to a wide range of materials
  • The application is simple and even, as it may be done with a spray.
  • Never leaks or spills, keeping surfaces clean
  • Produces a shiny residue for an attractive sheen.


  • Smells horribly of chemicals

Paint by Krylon, model no. K05150207 ColorMaster

Paint by Krylon, model no. K05150207 ColorMaster

The convenience of Krylon® ColorMasterTM Paint + Primer in just one can thank the union of high-quality Krylon color and long-lasting CoverMax® technology.

As a result, it dries quickly and keeps its potency for an extended period of time.

CoverMax technology produces greater invisibility without the need for shading or fillers, which may dilute or wash out colors. The colors are as vivid and vibrant as one would expect from Krylon.


  • With its easy-to-press tip, it avoids tired fingers.
  • No dripping or leaking.
  • Guarantees effective security
  • Typically dries within 10 minutes.
  • Perfect for use on wood as well as other materials like metal, plastic, glass, and paper.
  • indoors and outdoors


  • Created only for the purpose of providing a balanced color

Spray Paint, Rust-Oleum 302592 Chalky Finish

Spray Paint, Rust-Oleum 302592 Chalky Finish

In a simple but  High gloss spray paint solution, Rust-Oleum® Chalked Ultra Matte Paint produces an ultra-matte finish with excellent grip and coverage.

Revitalizing furniture paint and home decorations with this restores their classic beauty. It’s easily painted or antiqued to give your project a one-of-a-kind, antique look.

  • Simple to apply
  • Outstanding Protectiveness
  • Finishes dry and smooth like chalk
  • Capable of being easily worn down to provide a worn-in appearance
  • Sandable


  • Easy, one-step coverage
  • A quick 20-minute dry time
  • Maintains a firm grip with little to no surface preparation.
  • Produces an antique look when applied to wooden surfaces
  • To create a damaged, old effect, these patterns and styles are perfect.
  • allows sanding in between coats


  • Chalky matte finish only with no brilliance or gloss

KILZ L540746 Chalk Spray Paint for Furniture

KILZ L540746 Chalk Spray Paint for Furniture

As a result, it dries quickly and keeps its potency for an extended period of time.
CoverMax technology produces greater invisibility without the need for shading or fillers, which may weaken or wash out colors.

The colors are as vivid and vibrant as one would expect from Krylon.

As there is now a four-hour recoat window (instead of just one), extra coats may be applied to obtain a finished look that brings out the best in any project.


  • Great for designs and objects
  • Creates an attractive matte surface
  • Superior grip on the majority of materials
  • With strain comfort-tip technology to spare your fingers
  • after drying, it’s fine to wash with soap and water.


  • It’s a two-hour wait until we can recoat.

Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint, Krylon Model No. K02744007

Fusion High gloss spray paint Krylon Model No. K02744007

Krylon FUSION ALL-IN-ONE reacts to difficult surfaces, such as plastics and RTA furniture, without the need for washing or painting.

Provides the finest degree of rust protection for all outdoor projects, in addition to a broad selection of colors and sheens, and finishes.

The easy push-button huge button tip permits spraying from any angle, allowing you to complete your task fast.


  • Better protection for an additional 25 square feet
  • Totally dries in under 20 minutes
  • Superb sticking power; no sanding required even on rough surfaces
  • Long-lasting paint
  • The combination of paint and primer in one bottle


  • Timing for recoating is either 2 hours or 48 hours.

Spray paint for experts, by Rust-Oleum, model no. 7590838, enamel

High gloss spray paint, by Rust-Oleum, model no. 7590838, enamel

Use Rust-Oleum® Professional High-Performance Protective Enamel to apply a durable, visually beautiful coating that withstands industrial environments.
Despite exposure to the elements, this commercial finish will maintain its consistent, corrosion-resistant color.
Long-lasting and corrosion-resistant


  • A paint that is durable and effective
  • It is dry in twenty minutes and may be administered within an hour.
  • Provides optimal coverage and helps to conceal imperfections.
  • High resistance to friction, corrosion, and chipping.
  • Anti-fade characteristics and color persistence
  • It is capable of being sprayed from any angle.
  • The blend of high-output industrial paint


A 15-ounce bottle cannot cover more than 14 square feet.

The Rust-Oleum 245197 Spray Paint for All Surfaces, Including Enamel

Rust-Oleum 245197 High gloss spray paint

The flexible nature of Rust-Oleum® Universal® allows it to apply to a variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic, metal, wood, concrete, and even vinyl.

The Rust-Oleum® Universal® advanced spray technology permits spraying in any direction, even laterally.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

  • It’s a single coating that can be used on a wide variety of substrates.
  • Superior flexibility for the most demanding tasks
  • Superior adherence, even on difficult surfaces
  • Successful, quick coverage
  • Hard to break or fade
  • Agents that keep metal from rusting


  • Creates a connection with any surface
  • Features a spray that can be directed in any direction and is built to last
  • Avoids tired fingers because of the comfortable trigger
  • Because of the cap’s thin shape, even inaccessible surfaces can be painted.
  • UV-protected and quick-drying


Sometimes the sprayer will get jammed or leak.

Spray paint made by Pintyplus called Evolution Solvent Based

Pintyplus called Evolution Solvent Based

Pintyplus Evolution is suitable for painting surfaces that demand regular manipulation because of its short drying period.

The availability of RAL standard colors is beneficial for both maintenance and people.

There are several innovative applications for them, including decorative objects such as furniture, garden tables, and chandeliers.


  • With a nice, even spray
  • Provides a complete shine to any surface
  • Able to adapt to surfaces and objects of unique shapes
  • Avoids textured surfaces
  • Superb, completely even covering without stains, drips, and spray dots.
  • Capable of applying paint to specific surfaces


Smells and emits a horrible smell

Pintyplus Aqua Spray Paint

Pintyplus Aqua High gloss spray paint

Pintyplus Aqua, a water-based spray paint, was designed for use primarily in residential settings, particularly those with limited space or fumes.

This is a low-pressure, matte, water-based spray paint. Has no scent. Excellent regularity and breadth of coverage.

Three benefits can be gained from using the formulated product:

  • Painting with little to no overspray, no discoloration, and no close-to-the-surface drips of paint.
  • Maximum care for human and natural well-being. Remove all allergens.
  • Encourage original thought.


  • Provides high levels of opacity and coverage
  • The result is a beautiful matte shine.
  • Reduces the risk of leaks and problems at low pressure.
  • The removal of brush marks and drips is a benefit of smooth finishes.
  • Available in a range of colors and tones
  • Quick to build; Flexible in application


Emits a slightly offensive smell

Spray Paint, Premium Metallic Krylon K01000A07

Spray Paint, Premium Metallic Krylon K01000A07

Metallic spray paint is an excellent alternative for giving wooden furniture or artwork a new appearance since it is a high-gloss spray paint.

In addition, any hardwood surface with a metallic finish seems modern and chic.

I will only ever use Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint for these kinds of ideas and projects.


  • It has the look and feels of genuine 18K gold.
  • Covers more area per can (around 20 square feet)
  • Fast-drying; little risk of skin rashes after 10 minutes
  • Its afterglow is rich and glossy.
  • It constantly sprays, giving an even coating.
  • Non-toxic


  • Ideal conditions include temperatures between 50 and 85 degrees and humidity levels below 85%.
  • Produces a strong smell


High gloss spray paint has a mirror-like shine as a consequence of its reflective sheen.

Suggestions on how to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your wooden furniture should be readily available in our reviews.

With this information, you should be able to choose a spray paint company that not only delivers a high-quality finish but also falls within your budget.

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