Move furniture without scratching wood floors

It’s a major pain to move furniture without scratching on the wood floor surface. Beds, couches, safes, and wardrobes all fall into this category because of their heaviness.

The wood floor loses its gloss and develops ugly scratches as a result of these components being pushed around.

We follow basic guidelines to keep this from happening. When moving furniture, keep these some things in mind to protect your hardwood floors from scratches.

List for move furniture without scratching

  • Put in some discs or sliders
  • Work as a Group 
  • Include a Decision Point 
  • Raising and Shifting
  • Get Focused
  • Make use of a blanket, some boards, and a dolly

Put in some discs or sliders

 slider for move furniture without scratching

Glides, sliders, or furniture moving discs are thin, glue discs made of plastic, felt, or rubber that grip the bottoms of furniture legs to allow effective movement.

wood Furniture sliders made of plastic help prevent scratches and scrapes on hardwood floors.

It’s a useful feature for move furniture without scratching at any time and in any location. These sliders are a lifesaver when moving heavy pieces of furniture.

Work as a Group 

 group for move  furniture without scratching

To do most tasks, you’ll need more than just your strength and a few tools.

Team moving should be usual when shifting heavy objects, especially when crossing narrow corridors or stairways.

By working together, you and your colleagues can not only reduce the risk of injury but also complete the task at hand in a matter of hours.

Some pieces of furniture can be heavy. They can’t be moved without a great deal of effort. He really needs some care. Thus, firstly, you need to have company.

Include a Decision Point 

Include a Decision Point 


It’s likely that you’ve seen soft pads specifically made to help in the transport of large, heavy items.

These will cushion the impact of your heavy object on the floor. You may also use many of them well on carpeted floors.

To protect your floors from scratches when moving heavy furniture, just put a pad under each leg or corner.

If you need to move a heavy object but don’t have any helpers on hand, this is also a fantastic choice.

Raising and Shifting

Raising and Shifting

We’ve already explained how you should carry large goods instead of carrying them across your hardwood floors.

Floors are easily damaged by any amount of sliding. Don’t try to force the part into position; instead, pick it up and carefully replace it where it was.

Don’t try to bend over and pick anything up. Heavy items should never be raised above the shoulder. Do not lift or hold a heavy object while moving or shifting your body.

Get Focused

Get Focused  for move furniture without scratching

Take your furniture sizes with you when you visit your new home. Consider your design goals as you physically stand in each room.

Has a plan for how to lay out furniture before you start lifting, whether you’re just changing a room that bores you or moving to a new place.

Preparing a floor plan for your new space in advance might reduce stress during a transfer. When a complete floor design is available,

Make use of a blanket, some boards, and a dolly.

Furniture cushions are designed to cover and protect furniture and other home furnishings during a transfer.

This is a common trick used by professional movers. Try this if you’re having trouble lifting a heavy object. Put a blanket on the floor first.

Then, on top of the blanket, set down two solid boards. Make a lengthy path by making sure the short ends are all touching.

Roll your object across the first board with a hard-wheeled dolly, and then onto the second board.

The first board should be set down after the second one. Repeat this process until the object is safely at its new place across the room.

How can you reduce the burden of carrying large furniture?

You’ll want to stock up on a few basics before you leave town, so be sure to get those in advance of the move.

Packing tape, furniture sliders, moving blankets, stretch wraps, dollies, lifting straps, and hand trucks are all usually best.

You will need a truck if you plan to move the furniture on your own.

Do furniture sliders are useful on wood floors?

Wooden floor sliders and carpet floor sliders are two kinds of furniture sliders made for such tasks.

To easily glide across hardwood floors, invest in some furniture sliders.

How can I avoid scratching my hardwood flooring while moving heavy furniture?

If you don’t have the muscle power to carry a sofa, employ furniture sliders to move it.

Tables and chairs, especially if they are very heavy or large, should have soft cloth or cushion applied to the feet and corners.

If you drop the item and it hits the floor, this will safeguard your hardwood floors.


We are aware that the furniture and the wood floor in both of our homes make up the majority of the space, and we need to protect them.

I really hope that by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll know how to move furniture without scratching the wood floor.

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