Small Tea Trolley in Pakistan in 2023

A compact table is used to carry drinks and snacks from the kitchen to the dining area. There are many homes where this type of table is a classic. 

Many high-end homes have this Small Tea Trolley, and their owners use it to move food and drink from the kitchen to the living room, dining room, or drawing room.

The addition of a Small Tea Trolley to your living room will quickly make you consider upgrading the space. The ease and comfort it brings are valuable.

Let’s have a mature discussion about the various types of portable Small Tea Trolleys we found in Pakistan.

List of Small Tea Trolleys in Pakistan

  • Tea Trolley with Chain Feet
  • Tea Trolley made of vintage metal
  • Traditional tea service on a brown, foldable Roman trolley
  • The Allie Bar Trolley is a Round

Let’s talk about it in detail…

Small Tea Trolley with Chain Feet

Small Tea Trolley with Chain Feet

Trying to fit this beautiful table into your dining room will instantly make the whole room look better. 

The extensive table can be used indoors or outdoors due to its attractive construction. 

It features a high-gloss fused image on both the top and bottom, making it ideal for use in setting the mood with drinks following dessert.

Small Tea Trolley made of vintage metal

Vintage Metal Small Tea Trolley

You can choose from a wide selection of genuine vintage metal tea trolleys. 

Every vintage metal tea trolley was carefully constructed, as they were typically made of metal, glass, and wood.  

Mid-Century Modern, Modern, and Show Business Stately Home are all popular styles for metal tea trolleys from the past. 

A well-made metal tea trolley has been the product of many furniture makers and designers for a long time.

Traditional tea service on a brown, foldable Roman trolley

brown, foldable Roman trolley

With a beautiful tea trolley from Furniture, your guests can enjoy a cup of tea in style. 

These tea trolleys are made of high-quality wood and have unique designs. Use your own personal flair to wow your guests.

Hardwood furniture was used in the construction of our tea trolleys, which were finished to a high standard and polished to a perfect 27″ in length and 30″ in height.

The attached wheels are of high quality. Your tea trays will be specially designed to your specifications.

The Allie Bar Trolley is a Round

Allie Bar Small Tea Trolley

This bar trolley cabinet has wheels that make it easy to move, a large top for serving with a place for glasses underneath, and a lower shelf for storing wine bottles.

The Timbers wood used in the furniture has the right amount of moisture, so it won’t get too wet or shrink when the seasons change. 

CCA uses chemical treatment for protection against both dry wood and underground fire ants.


If you have a lot of people over for dinner, you can convert the tea trolley table into a dining table. 

Having this high-quality piece of furniture in your home has many benefits. There is a wide range in the size and design of tea carts. 

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