Boss Furniture price list 2023

Boss Moulded Furniture, founded in 1991 in Gujranwala, Punjab, is a Pakistani company that produces high-quality moulded plastic furniture. 

The brand now has a deeper familiarity with both the market and its own wares thanks to its long history in it.

When it comes to premium furniture, Boss is one of the emerging Pakistani brands that are ready to set quality objectives.

It would be difficult to find another future company in Pakistan that stands out to customers as much as this one does.

It’s no surprise that when people consider purchasing new furniture, they immediately picture Boss’s plastic offerings.

Marketplace for Online Boss Furniture 

In Pakistan, nobody knows more about furniture than BOSS Furniture.

We are confident in saying that every household in Pakistan has seen a BOSS chair or table at least once in their lives. 

Boss was one of the first companies in Pakistan to make plastic furniture.

It offered cutting-edge seating and other furniture for homes, businesses, schools, public spaces, and other places. 

The BOSS one-stop furniture shop has everything a family could need, including study chairs, computer tables, and more, for their children. 

It’s no surprise that the idea of buying furniture online in Pakistan has caught on like wildfire. Buy Boss furniture online in Pakistan and fill your home with comfort.

Collections from Boss Furniture

All your needs, whether indoors or out, can be met by this comprehensive and amazing array.

There are many types of plastic chair items that fall into this category.

These plastic chairs were designed with parks and outdoor furniture events in mind.

The rotating chair features a selection of executive chairs and computer chairs. 

The brand also offers study chairs and desks, some of which are multi-purpose. Smaller pieces of furniture are available for infants and children.

Steel-and-plastic hybrids are also available at the boss’s store. If you want your furniture to last a long time, these are great investments.

List of Boss Furniture Plastic Chairs Price

Plastic Chairs Rattan outdoor/indoor chairRs. 18,500
Boss WELLO Full Plastic Chairs Rs. 7,500
High-Back Chairs, Four-PackRs. 9,820
Boss Office Chair that Spins B-514 Rs. 13,370
Boss Round Dryer 400 Plus BS GrayRs. 13,950


A name brand that is responsible for the production of a diverse range of plastic and plastic-and-steel items. 

In the Boss collection of office furniture, there are not only trash cans but also a number of useful home accessories. 

The furniture at Boss is of excellent quality and is sold at competitive prices.

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