Levish Furniture Flips and Interior Design

Levish Furniture Flips is an innovative business that specializes in creating beautiful and unique pieces of furniture and transforming the interiors of homes.

We use a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern approaches to deliver superior results.

We take old, unwanted furniture and give it a new life with a modern, stylish twist.

Let’s get started with Levish Furniture Flips and Interior Design.

List of Levish Furniture Flips and Interior Design

  • Casa & Co.
  • Varidesk
  • Artiss
  • QuikFlip
  • Furniture Flip

Casa & Co Furniture

Casa & Co Furniture

Casa & Co is a furniture retailer that offers stylish and affordable pieces for your home and office.

We specialize in top-quality furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly resilient.

Our pieces feature a variety of styles, from modern and contemporary to rustic and traditional.

Our furniture is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, using only the highest quality materials.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your living room, dining room, bedroom, or office space, Casa & Co has the perfect piece for you.

With our commitment to outstanding customer service and unbeatable prices, we guarantee you’ll find something you love at Casa & Co.

Varidesk Furniture

Varidesk Levish Furniture Flips

Varidesk furniture is designed to make it easy to switch between standing and sitting while you work.

It’s height adjustable, with a counterweighted mechanism that allows you to raise and lower the desktop surface with minimal effort.

Varidesk furniture also features a spacious work surface, perfect for setting up multiple monitors, as well as built-in cable management to help keep your workspace organized.

With its sleek and modern design, Varidesk furniture adds style and functionality to any office space.

Artiss Furniture

Artiss Furniture

Artiss Furniture is a high-quality furniture store based in the UK that provides a wide range of stylish and modern furniture pieces.

Their selection of furniture is made from the highest-grade materials, including solid wood, fabric, leather, and metal.

All pieces are designed to provide comfort and style, with a focus on detail and craftsmanship.

They offer a wide range of furniture for the bedroom, living room, dining room, office, and more.

Whether you are looking for a statement piece or something more understated, Artiss Furniture has something for everyone.

With a commitment to quality and customer service, Artiss Furniture is sure to be the perfect fit for your home.

QuikFlip Furniture

QuikFlip Furniture

QuikFlip furniture is a revolutionary line of furniture that is designed to make your life easier.

It has a unique design with a flip-up mechanism that lets you switch between two different ways to sit quickly and easily.

The furniture pieces are constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and strength.

It is perfect for any space, whether you are looking to maximize seating capacity or just want something stylish and functional.

QuikFlip furniture looks great in any room and is easy to use, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their furniture.

Furniture Flip

Furniture flipping is a great way to give old, tired furniture a new look.

It involves taking an old piece of furniture and transforming it into something modern and stylish.

This can be done by sanding, painting, or staining the furniture; adding new hardware, and upcycling it with other materials such as fabric, wallpaper, or even twine.

Furniture flipping is an affordable and creative way to give your home a unique look.


Q: What kind of furniture do you offer?

A: We offer a variety of furniture pieces, including chairs, tables, couches, and more. All of our pieces are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and affordable.

Q: How long does it take for delivery?

A: Delivery times vary depending on your location and the availability of the item you’ve ordered. Most orders are delivered within 1-2 weeks.


Levish Furniture Flips and Interior Design offers a unique and creative approach to transforming homes.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship ensures the customer will receive a product that they love.

From traditional to modern, Levish Furniture Flips and Interior Design has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for something subtle or something bold, their team of experts can help you create the perfect look for your home.


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